Innovation & Excellence

"GlobeIT Solutions invests in research in adjacent and futuristic technologies and has a metrics driven approach to innovation"

We are at the forefront of anticipating and shaping the evolution of technology and its impact on business. Innovations focus on typical jobs/outcomes customer expectations. GlobeIT Solutions invests in research in adjacent and futuristic technologies and has a metrics driven approach to innovation. The current market and possible economic changes means that continued investment in innovation and technology is even more of a business imperative to sustain commercial and operational excellence, and implement effective strategies for the longer term.

Research Segmentation :

Our researchers are engaged in cutting-edge research to share insights with clients. These areas constitute the fundamental business technology components of a progressive, information-centered enterprise.

We segments research into three categories :

Platform Innovations: Innovations that help customers move to adjacent technologies and create additional capabilities.
Disruptive Innovations: Innovations that are game changers and bring radical changes to current markets and capabilities.
Sustaining or Derivative Innovation: Innovations that offer improvements on current offerings in current markets

Customer Expectation :

Enrich User Experience with Surface Computing, Unified Communications and Multimedia Gateway solutions.
Built up Trust with high quality and on Time Deliverables.
Foster Information Ubiquity with Knowledge Portals and Mobile Based Advisory systems


Innovation Forums :

Forums held at regular intervals serve as confluences of thought leaders, researchers from academia, start-ups and customers, bringing value through shared experiences and offering a preview of technologies and solutions of the coming decade.


Keeping UpToDate :

To keep ourselves in line with the latest we periodically invite technology thought leaders to participate in open discussions. The Innovation Workshops identify innovation opportunities. Clients are also invited to engage for joint publications and identifying deployment opportunities. Regular periodic events help us in:

Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity : Workshops on usage of latest software tools, performance tools etc.
Healthy Competition : Various Inter /Intra BU Competitions (coding, documenting, standard check, auditing)
Promote Business Agility : SaaS platforms, Agile enterprise architecture, Decision Support Systems etc
Enable Understanding of Markets and Customers : Knowledge Discovery and Advertising platform Solutions.