Research Arm

Addressing the demand to introduce new products faster while budgets are shrinking....

The subject of IT Transformation and its potential impact on business outcomes is both critical today, and difficult to master. The current market and possible economic changes means that continued investment in innovation and technology is even more of a business imperative to sustain commercial and operational excellence, and implement effective strategies for the longer term.

At GlobeIT Solutions, we are focused on optimizing our customers' investments in Information Technology. We help customers envision and shape their future around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our researchers are engaged in cutting-edge research to share insights with clients and provide them with the latest in the world of management and technology.


We also have collaborative models with universities, institutes, and technology/platform vendors in furthering research. We have research collaboration arrangements in the areas of:

• Sponsored research projects at universities
• Post-doctoral research at our facilities in India, mentored by university faculty
• Short-term and long-term sabbatical opportunities
• Research centers at select universities