Global Delivery Technique

Global Delivery Technique allows us to provide reliable, scalable and cost effective delivery of services and solutions.....


Risk Mitigation

The risk management framework covers risk identification, prioritization and mitigation. A detailed plan for risk identification, monitoring and mitigation is a part of project planning.Our business continuity plans are focused on:


• Well-defined business continuity and disaster recovery plans at the organization and client level
• De-risked global development centers
• State-of-the-art, fail-safe network connectivity with multiple fall-back options
• Interoperability to ensure seamless relocation
• Locations set away from potentially conflict-ridden zones
• Fully-equipped Offsite Disaster Recovery Facility in Mauritius


• Stringent physical security and network security
• Secure human resources practices
• Regular external audits to ensure compliance and cover blind spots

Confidentiality and Privacy

• Access restrictions and controls for all information assets
• Context-dependent security measures including physical isolation of projects, if needed
• Legal agreements with employees to ensure compliance
• Agreements under relevant jurisdiction for the client


• Built-in redundancies for key personnel
• Back-up of project artifacts and experiential repositories